Legacy SBC

About LegacySBC - The Small Business Heartbeat

We began from our passion and desire to assist those individuals and small businesses that could not afford Firm fees.  We strongly believe these are the people and companies that need more help, attention and guidance.  We understand that starting and building a small business requires a personal touch.  Our customized resources can benefit a small business when a cookie-cutter CPA firm does not fit the needs or budget.  LegacySBC is a family built on support, knowledge and understanding.    

With our 28 years of accounting and human resources experience; we walk into a business; assess their needs and provide a one time or monthly quote.

With 13 years of tax preparation experience we have a thorough knowledge of individual and business tax.  

We pride ourselves on the level of expertise we share with our clients.  We think of ourselves as our client’s partner and apply our knowledge to their growth.